Do Golden Retriever Puppies Get Lighter Or Darker?

Golden Retrievers come in many different shades. The other day a friend was asking me if Golden Retrievers typically get lighter or darker as they age. With Buddy, he was on the red side of coloring and his coat didn’t seem to chang too much. However, it has been a while since he was a puppy so I decided to do a little extra research just to be sure. Here’s what I found.

Do Golden Retriever puppies get lighter or darker?

Golden Retriever puppies will most often get a darker colored fur coat as they grow into an adult dog, but there are some instance where they will get a lighter colored fur coat. 

Golden Retriever puppies get lighter or darker based upon the fur coat they start with.  This usually happens when their fur coat starts to change at anywhere from around three to six months.  This is when their fur will begin to go through a long process, including changes to their coloring.  This fur coat will eventually change into their adult fur coat which will then be the set coloring that they will have for a long time. 

 Golden Retriever puppies get lighter or darker based upon their genetic background from their parents.   

Pet parents can have fun trying to determine what their puppy’s fur coat will look like by examining the tips of their ears.  

Many people believe this is a proven way of doing this but there is no scientific evidence to back this up. The best way to determine what a puppy’s adult coloring will be is to consult their breeder or look at the coloring of their parents.  The coloring of the mother and father dog will give a good indication of what they will look like as adults.

Do Golden Retriever Puppies Get Lighter Or Darker?

There are three recognized colors for Golden Retriever puppies.  These colors are recognized by the American Kennel Club and set the breed standard.  These colors include Golden, Light Golden, and Dark Golden.  There are however possibilities for other colors in this breed that do not meet the set breed standard.

Golden Retriever puppies who start their life with one color of soft and fluffy fur will get a lighter or darker shade of fur as they grow into adults.  This is because when a Golden Retriever puppy is born, they have a puppy fur coat.

This fur coat, like other parts of a Golden Retriever puppies body, will grow and change.  Therefore Golden Retriever puppies get lighter or darker fur as part of growing up into adulthood.

This process can begin around three months old but usually starts around six months of age.  Each dog will be unique and grow at their own rate.

Golden Retriever puppies usually get darker in their fur coloring but it is possible some to also get lighter in their fur coloring.   This is based on their genetic background that comes from their parents.

For pet parents who want to have some fun they can try to determine what color their Golden Retriever puppy will be by looking at the tip of their ears.  This may help them determine if the Golden Retriever puppy will get lighter or darker but there is no scientific evidence to prove this method.  The best way to figure out their coloring is to check the color of their mother and father or to consult their breeder.

How long does it take for Golden Retriever puppies to get their adult fur coat?

For Golden Retriever puppies to get their adult fur coat, it can take quite a while.  Like the rest of their growth, it can be a slow process that many pet parents will only see slight changes.  There is so much growing and changing during the puppy phase, these changes are gradual but happen over their whole entire body during a long process that can take up to eighteen months or more.

At around three to six months, Golden Retriever puppies will begin to change.  These changes to their adorably fluffy and soft fur coat will be subtle.  Their Golden hair will start to fall out around six months of age, and then it can take up to another six months to a year for their adult fur coat to completely come in.

It is a gradual process of falling out and growing in that affect the Golden Retrievers fur coat in many ways, including coloring, texture, length and amount.

For Golden Retrievers puppies whether they get lighter or darker one thing is certain they will need more grooming.  Adult Golden Retrievers have longer fur coats that can get tangled easily, so pet parents will need to ensure good grooming habits during this transition time from puppy to adult dog.

Why do Golden Retriever puppies’ fur change colors?

A Golden Retriever puppies’ fur changes colors because it is a normal part of the dog’s growth.  Like human babies’ first head of hair, their first coat of fur will fall out and change as they grow.

As their body develops and they change with time, they begin to grow into who they will be for the rest of their lives as a dog.  Puppies’ fur coat is softer, fluffier, and slightly different from what they will have as an adult dog.

What is the best way to tell what your Golden Retriever puppies’ fur will look like?

The best way to tell what your Golden Retriever puppies’ fur will look like is to check their parents.  The mother and father Golden Retrievers can give pet parents a good indication of what their puppy will look like as adults since genetics play a role.

This doesn’t mean that always be the case, but it can show what is likely to be the puppies’ color, regardless of what the Golden Retriever puppies ears look like or what the fur coat is as a puppy.

Some people believe looking at the Golden Retriever puppies’ ears will determine what color their adult fur coat will be, particularly the tip of their ears.  While this can be fun to do, there is no scientific evidence to back up this idea.

Do Golden Retriever Puppies Get Lighter Or Darker?

Do adult Golden Retrievers’ fur coats change as they age?

Yes, Golden Retrievers’ fur coats change as they age.

Once in adulthood, Golden Retriever fur coats usually get darker as they age.  With this darkening, there are also certain areas of their body where Golden Retrievers may lighten or grey.  These areas that include the eyes and nose, are a normal part of aging.  This can be regarded as growing again, from adult dog to senior or elderly dog.  This normal process has subtle changes happening again to the adult Golden Retrievers body as they age.

If I want a particular color Golden Retriever can a breeder help me?

Yes, if you want a particular color Golden Retriever, a breeder can help you.  Quality breeders are knowledgeable and skilled at what they do, breed Golden Retrievers.

These breeders will practice responsible breeding methods.  They will have knowledge of the background of their dogs including their parents and in many cases, the entire background of the Golden Retriever puppy.  Since they have bred the dog, they know their background.

The knowledge and skill that have can not only be beneficial for potential pet parents that are looking for a particular color Golden Retriever, but also in helping them to have a healthy, smart, and better behaved dog.  They can find a dog that has a high potential of being a certain color because of their knowledge and skilled background.

While there are no guarantees in life when it comes to the coloring of a Golden Retriever, reputable breeders will be able to select a dog that is a good match.  The critical part to remember is choosing a reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced breeder.

There are some breeders that do not follow responsible breeding practices.  Thorough research and investigation must be done before selecting a breeder to ensure they following responsible breeding practices.  The health and safety of the dog you choose depend on it, which goes above and beyond the Golden Retriever puppies coloring.

If I want to show my Golden Retriever puppy, does their color matter?

Yes, if you want to show your Golden Retriever puppy, their coloring will matter.  The American Kennel Club and other associations have strict guidelines that each dog must fall into.  These can relate to height, weight, color, behavior, and how they move, to name a few.

While having a pure-bred Golden Retriever puppy may seem like all that is needed to show them in the ring, this is not the case.  They must meet specific criteria which are different for every dog breed and can be found on these organization websites.

Golden Retriever puppies whether lighter or darker than another, may be not show quality but are still pure-bred.  This is a normal part of life as not everyone can be pageant-worthy.  If this is the case for your Golden Retriever puppy, it is important to remember that they are no less loveable and beautiful, just slightly different.  If they don’t end up in the show ring, they are still a wonderful dog and furry best friend.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retriever puppies get lighter or darker, just like other puppies.  This change is a natural process related to their growth and development into the adult dog they will become.

It can be both confusing and exciting to see these changes happen.  In the end, the color they become doesn’t matter as much as how loveable and sweet they are as a dog!

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